ISC a Wonderful World to learn and Earn

Indiastudychannel (ISC) is an amazing website for professionals, college and School students to learn about Educational systems, Educational Institutes and Universities available in India, details of courses offered by various Universities and Institutes in India and Earn pocket money by posting useful articles in various sections of ISC. is mainly an educational portal, offers comprehensive information about almost all Universities, Colleges, Institutes, Schools and training centers in India and details about courses, Entrance Examinations, previous years University Question papers, etc. ISC is always bothered about providing latest Educational information, Admission details, results of Entrance Examinations, University and School Examinations with maximum details to ISC viewers.

How to Earn Online money through ISC

       ISC offers various cash credits programs to ISC active members. ISC provides decent cash credits to each and every self written articles in various sections of ISC. But the most attractive feature of ISC is their Google Adsense Sharing program. ISC provides 90% of Google Adsense Revenue to ISC's Members and remaining 10% taken as commission. ISC also provides many awards like "Man of the Year", "Member of the Month" and "Member of the week" to ISC's active members and "Wizard of the month" awards to top contributors of ISC's important sections.

How did I reach in ISC

           After completion of my Post Graduation in Physics, I reached Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with my Husband (He is working as Network Administrator in Jeddah) and our one year old Daughter on middle of 2008. As everyone known Saudi Arabia is very strict Islamic Country, there is no entertainment like Theaters, amusement parks or stage programs. Weekly Shopping in Large shopping Malls is only the thing I liked in Saudi Arabia. Watching Televisions, playing computer games or Video games are only the way to kill my free times (not only me all house wives in Saudi Arabia). In these days I was spend my free times by watching Television serials or playing computer games or chatting with friends. Even Broad Band Internet connection is available at home for free, I was not interested in browsing or using Internet for study purpose. My husband insisted me to use this facility to learn or prepare for SET / NET exams. But I started browsing for searching online jobs and I heard about ISC from one of my chat friend. I learned about ISC deeply and how does ISC provide cash credits and Online Jobs to its Members.

If you are looking for an Internet Job to earn online money from your home, I am assuring you that, ISC is the most reliable and trustful website in India. Register at ISC, and start posting self written, useful articles and start earning today.

My First Month in ISC and Google Adsense Approval

         I joined ISC on 9th November 2008 and I read rules and regulations of ISC and FAQ carefully, it changed me a lot. I started posting in many sections of ISC at the same day and applied for Google Adsense Sharing Program within 2 - 3 days. Unlike some members of ISC, Google approved my first Adsense request on 18th November 2008 (within a week) because I have provided correct postal details in my Gmail account as well as ISC account and also I have mentioned a brief details about me like my current location, education details, colleges studied etc. I am advising all new members "to provide correct personal details and brief description about you atleast your current location" (Google may verify your location using your IP Address) for applying Google Adsense Sharing Program.

My Experience in ISC

           After reading ISC FAQs and think deeply how to make good Google Adsense revenue at beginning stage and I realized that my favourite sections in ISC are "Resources" and "Fresher Jobs". I started posting self written and useful articles in Resources section and fresher jobs with correct contact details and deadline date in "Fresher Jobs Section. I started Google Adsense earnings through ISC in first month, but I was not satisfied with my first 2 months earnings. I have read many Search Engine Optimization tips posted in ISC Resources section and forums by ISC Webmaster Mr.Tony and lead Editors of ISC. With the help of My Husband I started to implement this SEO Tips, keywords, HTML Tags in my articles, which makes my posts more attractive and Search Engine friendly and it helps to improve my earnings. Quality posts in various sections of ISC gradually increases my earnings from Google Adsense revenue sharing program.

Payments Received from ISC

I have received many payments from ISC as Online Payments to my bank Account. for getting my Payment details received from ISC, just click on ISC Payment details

Achievements in ISC

When I start working in ISC, I was not well in Computer usage and Internet. I have learned many things from ISC about Computer and Internet browsing and Search Engine Usages. I got "Member of the Week Award" from ISC on 15th December 2008. It was big surprise for me, it inspired me a lot and motivated me to post more and more articles in various sections of ISC.

At the time of Parliament Election 2009, ISC granted me Editing privilege in "My India" Section of ISC and I am appointed as "Temporary Editor for My India" Section, it was the my first "responsible job" in My life.

Recently I have got an another Award "Course, College and Forum Editorship" of ISC. ISC Webmaster, appointed me as Course, College and Forum Editor on 14th April 2010. I am doing my Editing job with passion and Working hard to achieve more and more Goals and Awards getting from ISC.

My Google Adsense Success Story

 I am getting a decent monthly income through this Online job. My first 2 months Google Adsense earnings were poor. After implementing SEO Techniques in January 2009 reached minimum Payout threshold of $100 and I got My first payment from Google on 4th April 2009. I have posted many forum threads testimonials and an article My Google Adsense Success Story in ISC. I have received many payments from Google as Citi Bank Cheque, it will take minimum 20 - 30 days to credit the amount to my account. Recently Google changed the payment method, now Google offers International wire payment to India also. I am waiting for receiving my first payment of Google through online.

ISC provided me a wonderful platform to earn Google Adsense Revenue and I am always thankful to ISC and their webmasters, Editors and all Members providing me such an opportunity to earn a decent monthly online income at home.